Soybean cake from the manufacturer

Soybean cake is one of the products of the main diet of farm animals and poultry. It is obtained after squeezing oil from soybeans in the extrusion process. (Not to be confused with soybean meal, which is produced using a different technology and differs from cake flour in terms of fat and protein content).

     The high content of energy and protein in macus makes it possible to prepare high-protein and high-energy diets without the use of expensive fats. The inclusion of soybean cake in the diet of dairy cows (1-2 kg per head per day) increases the yield by 1.5-2.0 liters.

Laying hens increase by 22-30%, growth in chickens increases by 7%, in piglets - by 5%, and the increase in live weight of broilers and pigs reaches 25-30% more than with conventional feeding.

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The price is UAH 15,300/t including VAT

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