Personnel policy

Despite the economic troubles in the country and the world, "Agro Fond" LLC continues to develop rapidly in many areas of activity, implementing large-scale investment projects and mastering new types of activities. All this is the result of the work of the company leader Myhal I.B. and his team of high-class professionals, their responsible approach to the general business, constant striving for improvement and development.

The main principles of the company's personnel policy are the involvement of talented young people - university graduates, from whom future leaders - managers of the middle and upper echelons of management are trained. The system of training and development of the company's personnel consists in involving employees in various programs and projects, assigning non-standard tasks and multiple changes in the direction of activity with further promotion: within a year or two, specialists trained by the company occupy the positions of heads of structural units and top managers of the company. After all, it is young people, whose talent and determination I.B. Myhal believes in, the general director, who bring fresh ideas to business development.

Due to the fact that "Agro Fond" LLC is an agricultural enterprise and its production facilities are located in different regions of Ukraine, the main attention is paid to the selection of personnel in the branches. The enterprise creates all the necessary conditions for attracting young people to work in rural areas. The company's program of recruitment and training of young specialists provides for the creation of a solid foundation for the revival and improvement of village life, the development and prosperity of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy, and our cooperation with the country's agricultural educational institutions is the main stage of this work.

The list of specialties for which recruitment of young specialists is carried out at the branch of Agro Fond LLC:

· agronomy;

· mechanization of agriculture;

· grain storage and processing technology;

·         Accounting and Auditing;

·         business Economics.

The company's branch does not accept a strictly limited number of young people, but as many young people as have the desire to work at the company. These young employees are sent to those departments where there are experienced specialists in the relevant fields, they learn, and in the future they are offered independent activities.

Young specialists in the company's branches are guaranteed:

· dynamic and promising work with rapid career growth;

· one-time assistance in connection with a change of residence;

· payment of rented housing;

· partial reimbursement of the cost of meals;

· stable official salary;

· social guarantees in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

So, if you want to work in a company with a world name, have a desire to become a professional in your field and receive a fair salary for your work - WE INVITE you to "Agro Fond" LLC



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