Sea salt

We offer sea salt (coarse grinding 1-1.6mm)

Price: UAH 4,100/t including VAT

Sea salt is a gift of nature and one of the best natural products. Its structural composition is so balanced that it cannot be artificially reproduced due to its complexity. It is theoretically and practically impossible to fake sea salt. The value of sea salt lies in the unique composition of trace elements and minerals that we get through sea water. In addition to its pleasant taste, sea salt has important health and preventive properties. The consumption of sea salt, where the ratio of Na and Cl is 40% and 60%, respectively, is an important condition for maintaining metabolism in the human body.
Sea salt contains a natural complex of biologically active macroelements (Na, K, Mg, Ca) and microelements (iron, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, boron and others). Salt baths promote skin regeneration, stimulate the autonomic nervous system, and are an effective remedy against stress and spasms.
We offer sea salt (coarse grinding 1-1.6mm)
Price: UAH 4,200/t including VAT
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