Industrial safety and labor protection

Today, Agro Fund LLC is one of the largest domestic agricultural producers, investors and exporters, one of the leaders of the domestic agricultural market. "Agro Fund" On the way of its development based on the principles of honest business - transparency, social responsibility - the company is ahead of the pace of the country's development. In order to convey the fundamental principles of its activity to society and the authorities, the company carries out a socially important policy, including in the field of labor protection. After all, farmers are that social cohort of people whose importance for the nation and for every Ukrainian is hard to overestimate. Therefore, caring for people is the main thing in the activity of the company "Agro Fund" as one of the founders of domestic socially responsible business.

The policy of "Agro Fund" in the field of occupational health and safety is based on the principles of prioritizing the life and health of employees in relation to the results of the enterprise's production activities and the comprehensive solution of problematic occupational health and safety issues. Therefore, the company implements a set of measures to prevent injuries and occupational diseases of an organizational, technical, sanitary-hygienic, social-economic, legal and medical-preventive nature. "Complex measures to achieve the established standards of safety, occupational hygiene and the production environment, increase the existing level of labor protection, prevent cases of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, accidents and fires at Agro Fund LLC" are developed and improved every year.

Among the organizational measures, in particular, an important place is occupied by the rational organization of work, alternation of working hours and rest. The set of sanitary and hygienic measures includes the creation of normal meteorological conditions in the production environment, sufficient lighting of workplaces and areas, reduction of noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, and other harmful factors, replacement of harmful substances with less harmful ones. In the social aspect, all employees of the enterprise are insured against accidents and occupational diseases. If necessary, employees are transferred to lighter work due to their health.

The company's labor protection expenses for 2015 amounted to one and a half times more than the amount established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Every year, the company organizes occupational safety training for officials and employees who are involved in high-risk work. In 2015, the majority of employees involved in high-risk work (including electric welding and gas flame work, gas-hazardous work, maintenance of gas-powered units, treatment of wood with flame-retardant mixtures and substances, work at height, etc.). Heads of structural subdivisions, labor protection specialists, as well as other officials of the enterprise periodically (once every 3 years) undergo training and verification of knowledge on labor protection issues at the educational and methodological centers of the Derzhhirpromnadzor of Ukraine and at the enterprise.

An important component of this work is partial or full technical certification of lifting machines and mechanisms, elevators, fire hoists, ship loading pipes, pressure vessels, etc. Work is also being carried out to carry out examinations of project documentation for compliance with the NPA on labor protection.

Work was also carried out on the examination of imported equipment for its compliance with labor protection regulations in force on the territory of Ukraine.

The company cares about the health of employees

Every year, the enterprise conducts medical examinations of employees who work in harmful or dangerous working conditions, persons under the age of 21 and drivers of motor vehicles. In general, in 2015, all employees underwent a medical examination. Workers engaged in jobs with difficult and harmful working conditions were provided with free medical and preventive meals. As in previous years, the company's employees were sent to health resorts.

In order to provide timely medical assistance for injuries resulting from accidents, the validity period and availability of medical preparations and first aid kits at workplaces, which are regularly replenished with the necessary medications, are systematically monitored.

The focus is on workplace safety

An important direction in this work is a comprehensive assessment of the factors of the production environment and the nature of work for compliance of their characteristics with labor safety standards. Therefore, the enterprise systematically conducts work on attestation of workplaces according to working conditions.

The set of measures, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, includes introductory briefings on labor protection issues with persons who are accepted for work, as well as with employees of contracting organizations that perform work on behalf of Agro Fund LLC.

In order to protect employees from the effects of harmful factors and prevent accidents at the enterprise, the company regularly provides and updates overalls, special shoes and other means of personal protection for its employees.

In order to prevent emergency situations and accidents in the gas industry, a set of measures was also implemented, including a system of technical maintenance and repair, which ensure the use of the gas supply system in good condition and in compliance with the requirements defined by the "Safety Rules of Gas Supply Systems of Ukraine". There are no trifles in the organization of industrial safety. Therefore, in order to protect the health of employees at the workplace, as well as to warn employees about the presence/occurrence of risk or danger at the workplace, appropriate signs are installed that prohibit dangerous actions or indicate how to avoid them. In order to prevent traffic accidents, traffic signs are installed in the territories of the company's structural subdivisions for the proper organization of traffic.

In fact, it is natural, tasty and useful

The approach of the company's management to the organization of ensuring full and high-quality food for employees is important in terms of social significance. Each division is provided with ecologically clean products, grown in subsidiary farms using advanced technologies and without chemical additives.

Ukraine is the glory of the world's granary

People who grow bread have always been respected in Ukraine. In our fast-paced times, the role of the agricultural sector has not only not weakened, but on the contrary, it has significantly increased. The growing need for quality food products, the danger of a food crisis on the planet and other global challenges forced the world community to pay attention to the investment attractiveness of Ukraine and its food potential.

We are proud of the fact that we feed a large number of people around the world with high-quality Ukrainian grain. "Agro Fund" is the face of Ukraine on the global grain market, therefore the company's management takes all necessary measures to prevent any shortcomings in the company's work, because it is convinced that Ukraine has great potential, and Ukrainians deserve a better life. The main thing is to do good to people in order to make people's lives easier with your actions and activities.


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