Logistics management

Modern logistics and infrastructure allow the company "Agro Fund" to provide
independently built a modern logistics network of the Agro Fund company. The main goal of the project is to reduce road congestion and the level of man-made impact on the environment of Ukraine.

  One of the key aspects and factors of the successful implementation of the company's patriotic investment project is the improvement of the logistics component in the field of land transportation. Therefore, the management of the company "Agro Fund" made a decision to update and expand its own truck fleet.

Such actions provided the company with a number of competitive advantages:

- minimizing the cost of transportation;

- bringing the company's services closer to a larger number of product manufacturers;

- convenience, lightness, flexibility, maneuverability, efficiency and quality of cargo delivery;

- diversification of transportation - transportation of not only grain consignments, but also oversized cargoes.

Today, the cargo fleet allows the simultaneous transportation of almost 2,000 tons of grain from different regions of Ukraine. Trucks are serviced at branded stations of manufacturing companies ("MAN", "DAF", "Scania").

In order to reduce the impact of road transport flows on the environment, the use of freight traffic routes agreed with the relevant local authorities is envisaged.




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