Storage and bringing products to marketable condition


Agricultural enterprise "Agro Fund" has at its disposal the ability to store and bring agricultural products to marketable condition - both at its own enterprises and at enterprises in which it is a shareholder.

Transshipment terminal for transshipment of grain and oil crops. it is used not only for the shipment by Agro Fund of its own agricultural products for export, but also for the provision of services to other exporters in Ukraine.

In order to impeccably ensure the quality of products, the company equips the laboratories of its own elevators with all the necessary latest equipment. In order to limit the impact of production on the environment, all the requirements of the European level have been met at the elevators and technological equipment of the best world manufacturers has been installed to protect the atmospheric air, water environment and soils.

A modern laboratory-administrative building, equipped (according to the highest global standards) with laboratory and research equipment for determining quality indicators and scientific research with grain and its processing products, as well as food products, has been put into operation.

In order to ensure the flawless quality of the shipped products, in accordance with the contractual obligations, the company equipped the new laboratory with all the necessary latest world equipment. Among them: grain analyzers "Infratec-1241" (the company "FOSS Analytical AB", Sweden), an in-flow sampler with a capacity of 1000 tons/hour. (Inter Systems, USA), Rakoraf samplers (PFEUFFER GmbH, Germany), thermal drying cabinets (Binder, Germany), laboratory mills, Glutork system for determining dry gluten, Glutomatik system » to determine the quantity and quality of gluten, a device for determining the number of falls (Perten Instrument, Sweden), infrared analyzer INSTALAB-600, moisture analyzer GAK-2100 (DICKEY-john, USA), grain moisture meter ( "KETT", Japan), chute-type sample dividers ("Rationel", Denmark), grain dividers and devices for determining nature (USA), laboratory scales, analytical scales ("KERN", Germany), alveo-consistograph, mill for laboratory grinders ("CHOPIN", France), laboratory mills, equipment for determining the sediment index by the Zeleni method (dosers, shaker, test tubes) ("BRABENDER", Germany), automatic apparatus for determining oiliness "Soxhlet" ("BUCHI", Switzerland), device for sifting grain ("Carter Day", USA). Laboratory specialists are also able to determine all indicators of wheat grain and bakery products, indicators of the quality of soils, air and water (underground, sewage, drinking water); the presence of GMOs, the presence of heavy metals in food products; as well as the level of noise and radiation, the level of vehicle exhaust gases, etc.

There are no analogues to the scheme for receiving and taking samples from motor vehicles implemented by the company. After all, the laboratory is equipped with three state-of-the-art equipment for receiving and taking samples, which makes it possible to receive 3 lines of transport flows in parallel and triples the pace of conducting analyzes to determine the quality of grain. In turn, this increases the speed of receiving freight transport and helps prevent the accumulation of freight vehicles in the city. The lines are located in a special hangar, which ensures their round-the-clock operation throughout the year under any weather conditions.

Today, the company continues its activities in the direction of increasing its own capabilities for accepting agricultural products with increased moisture indicators and further bringing them to marketable conditions, as well as expanding access to work directly with commodity producers in the regions of operation of the company "Agro Fund".


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