Trade in agricultural products

The company "Agro Fond" is one of the leaders of the agricultural market of Ukraine. Our company occupies a significant share in the Ukrainian export of most grain and oil crops, the cultivation of which Ukraine specializes in.

Therefore, trade in own and purchased agricultural products is a strategic direction of the company "Agro Fond". A number of already existing and new departments and services are involved in the implementation of this direction of the company's activity. Differentiation of issues that are under the control of each department and individual employees, clear organization of interaction between them increases the efficiency of enterprise management.

"Agro Fond" is constantly expanding the volume of trade and purchasing activities and exports. One of the most important components of this work is the improvement of the logistics system of the Agro Fond company.

International experts of grain recipient countries position "Agro Fond" as a Ukrainian national company that represents Ukraine, because "Agro Fond" has opened the world market for Ukrainian products.

We set ourselves the task of bringing the Ukrainian producer of agricultural products as close as possible to their final consumer.

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