Social responsibility

Reliability. Responsibility. Confidence in the future

Currently, there are very few socially responsible companies in Ukraine, and therefore the value of their experience in this field is quite significant.

Social responsibility is an important component of the Agro Fond company's activities. Social responsibility for us is not sponsorship or advertising, but a sincere interest in providing the Ukrainian community with wider opportunities, improving the standard of living of every Ukrainian. After all, the sustainable development of Ukrainian society is an integral aspect of the Agro Fund company's strategy for the development of the domestic agricultural sector. This ethical component of business is a guarantee of the company's respect and support from the Ukrainian community.

General Director of "Agro Fond" LLC Myhal Ivan Bogdanovych believes that the social responsibility of business in Ukraine is currently at the stage of development, so even if the company shows social responsibility, i.e. helps the state to solve social problems, it still has an ambiguous attitude , she must be suspected of something. And in order to show our true face, we need to create a favorable social environment around the company and integrate into the environment in which we work.

According to the company's management, today a responsible business should, first of all, work legally in Ukraine and invest in the economy, as well as be transparent and create an environment with a normal standard of living. It is impossible to be successful in business if you do not seriously engage in social responsibility.

Agro Fond implements a socially responsible approach to business in the following directions:

- provision of appropriate conditions for obtaining basic education;

– improving the level of medical care;

– development of the infrastructure of the Ukrainian village;

- protection and preservation of the environment;

– implementation of the latest energy-saving technologies in production;

- equal opportunities and the best working conditions.

The company builds its work in accordance with recognized international CSR standards and norms of current Ukrainian legislation.

The company cooperates comprehensively and systematically with local communities and systematically implements large infrastructure projects in the regions of its presence. Only such systematicity brings a decent result.

We do not cooperate with foundations or other public institutions. We work directly with those who need help. After all, only in this way is it possible to say for sure: for what purposes the funds were spent and what the final result of such activities was. It is important for us that every employee of our company understands what the company's charitable funds are aimed at.

For the Agro Fond company, it is customary not to wait, but to act. Therefore, today Agro Fond not only invests significant funds in the development of the infrastructure of various regions, but also acts as an initiator of new approaches to the development of these funds by communities, creating trusting relations between society and business and successfully involving the community in active participation in solving certain social projects .


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