Our activity

We are working on the development of new, effective agricultural technologies in the field of fodder, animal feed
Increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products is a priority task of Agro Fond LLC
Today, Ukrainian animal husbandry is developing in conditions of fierce competition, increasing the efficiency of production is more important than ever - this is the only way to guarantee the competitiveness of our products on the main market.
Agriculture is aimed at providing the population with food and obtaining raw materials for a number of industries, and we help farmers to respond to these and other challenges, perspectives and approaches to the development of animal husbandry in our country.
"Agro Fond" LLC also works in the direction of growing elite grain crops of wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, corn, soybeans, peas, buckwheat.

The purpose of the enterprise's activity is the production of competitive products that meet market requirements and are ecologically clean and safe for human use, which can be achieved only on the basis of development, modernization of production and an increase in the level of its environmental safety.

The environmental policy of the enterprise is aimed at ensuring the effective use and reproduction of natural resources (surface and underground water, atmospheric air, soils, etc.), protection of the natural environment and ensuring the ecological safety of production. The company's management and staff are fully aware of the importance and necessity of implementing technologies with minimal impact on the environment.

All newly built objects of Agro Fond LLC have passed a state environmental examination, the main purpose of which is to prohibit the implementation of projects that pose an increased environmental hazard. For this purpose, the company constantly researches existing production processes to assess their impact on the natural environment and implement modern environmentally safe technologies.

Protection of atmospheric air from pollution:

· Application of closed grain cargo transportation technology.

· Installation of aspiration networks of polluted air with cleaning on dust cleaning equipment.

· Use of dust cleaning installations of the highest world level (made in Denmark, Germany).

· Use of energy-saving technologies - grain dryers (made in the USA).

· Landscaping and greening of the territory of the enterprise, towns and villages.

· Transition to the use of phosphate-free detergents.

· Control of manufactured products according to health safety indicators.

· Ensuring the economic and drinking needs of the staff with high-quality water.

· Implementation of the European approach to the separate collection of industrial waste with the aim of further transferring it to licensed organizations for disposal or reuse.

· Places for temporary storage of waste meet sanitary and ecological standards.

The enterprise has its own chemical and technological laboratory, which, in accordance with the field of accreditation, monitors the environment within the scope of the enterprise's activities and checks products.

Combined fodder is available, ground and in granules, dry pulp with shavings and granules.
Brewer's wort, alcohol wort, fodder yeast.
Grains of wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, corn, soybeans, peas, buckwheat.
We deliver to any region of Ukraine.


More details here: https://www.agrofond.net/pro-nas/


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