Plant growing

Agro Fond LLC is one of the largest domestic producers and exporters of agricultural products (wheat, barley, corn, rye, sunflower, etc.). In the course of its development, the enterprise systematically expands the geography and scale of production activities. High yields and quality of agricultural crops at the enterprise are achieved on cultivated leased agricultural lands thanks to the improvement of the latest intensive technologies, the sowing of the best seeds of the world's leading companies, seed producers, as well as the use of the latest equipment and tillage tools of imported production.
Diversification of production activities by climatic zones allows to reduce natural risks associated with crop losses due to fluctuations in weather conditions in different regions of Ukraine, as well as to ensure annual high yields of grain and oil crops. In addition, by comparing the state of production crops, the reliability of forecasting the yield level in the marketing period increases, which is important for making commercial decisions.
While preserving and somewhat increasing the volume of crop production in the zones of risky agriculture, the share of land located in zones of sufficient moisture was gradually brought to 52% of the total amount of cultivated land (+1%).
Thus, the production risks caused by crop failure due to adverse weather conditions (drought) were reduced. Along with the changes in the shares of the zonal location of the enterprise's lands, there were also changes in the structure, which reflected the most appropriate specific weight of crops in the regions.
As in previous years, the main volume of adjustment in increasing the number of cultivated lands occurred in the structure of the winter wedge, which is explained by the introduction of new lands into circulation through the steam tillage system and, accordingly, the choice of a better predecessor for winter crops. Thus, in the period of 2014-2015, there was an increase in the amount of sowing of winter wheat and other winter crops by 11% or about 2100 hectares. With the change in sowing volumes, some regional redistribution of crop shares took place, which will have a positive effect on reducing the risks of cultivation and obtaining stable crop yields.
Scientifically based crop rotations introduced by the enterprise, rational use of fertilizers, proper soil treatment are the main links of the agricultural system. The correct change of crops, depending on the zone of their cultivation, makes it possible to fully use the potential of the soil and climatic zones of cultivation and applied fertilizers, to more successfully fight against weeds, pests and pathogens, reducing their harmful effects on cultivated plants. Cultivation of various crops in crop rotation provides them with better phytosanitary conditions, protects the soil from erosion, allows to increase the supply of humus in it and improve its physical properties.
In crop rotations, the conditions of fertility and increasing the efficiency of each agrotechnical technique are most productively used, as a result of which crops give higher yields than under the conditions of unchanged cultivation. Crop rotation makes it possible to build the technology of growing agricultural plants taking into account their mutual influence, as well as after the effect of each technique applied to the nearest predecessors. With the improvement of agricultural culture, the agrotechnical importance of the predecessors should only grow. The influence of the precursor on the growth conditions and productivity of cultivated plants cannot be compensated by other agrotechnical measures.
Thanks to the high level of agricultural technology and the organization of agricultural work, the company received more than 230,000 tons of grain in the 2014 season. In particular, the gross harvest of corn turned out to be a record in general - 112 thousand tons with a yield of 70.6 t/ha! This gross collection was one of the largest in the last five years. Moreover, growth occurs on the total stable area of crops.
The company regularly updates and provides all production divisions with a full set of modern high-performance equipment, including imported production, from the world's leading companies.


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