Information for suppliers

Attention suppliers of agricultural products!

If you still plan to cooperate with our company, please prepare a package of documents for concluding a contract in advance and contact the purchasing department at the central office.

We draw your attention to the fact that the purchase of agricultural products takes place directly from the producer of agricultural products or intermediary enterprises that guarantee that the agricultural products were purchased directly from the producer of agricultural products (within the meaning of subsection 209.6 of Article 209 of Chapter V "Value Added Tax" and Item 15 of Subsection 2 of Chapter XX "Transitional Provisions" of the Tax Code of Ukraine).

In order to conclude a contract for the supply of grain and oil crops, suppliers must submit to the procurement department an application for concluding a contract for the supply of agricultural products, originals and copies of founding documents, certified by the signature of the manager and certified by a seal.

For enterprises located in other settlements, please send documents to our postal address: Volyn region. Lutsk  district, Zvynyache village. St. Privokzalna 17. Postal code 45725. And to the e-mail address - agrofond@

The contract is signed personally by the director of the enterprise in the purchasing department of the central office. An incomplete package of documents, as well as documents not certified by the manager's signature and seal, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

Dear managers, we draw your attention to the fact that representatives of your enterprises must have a power of attorney for reception and transfer and a passport when receiving and handing over primary documentation and annexes to the contract at the office of Agro Fond LLC.



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