New crop corn heading to ports is trading at $180-182/t

Corn prices have stabilized, and in some areas have even decreased. This was reported by Spike Brokers analysts.
"Producers are increasingly interested in forward contracts for the sale of the future harvest. The new harvest was traded at $180-182/t in the direction of the Black Sea ports. The Western border was buying new crop in the range of €173-175/t with loading into the Eurotrain," the brokers said.
The latest indications of buyers:
DAP Ukraine (Odesa) — $180-182/t;
DAP Ukraine (Danube) — $184-186/t;
FCA Ukraine (border) — €180-185/t;
FCA Ukraine (border) 2024 — €173-175/t;
DAP Italy (Mon.) — €230-235/t;
FOB Ukraine (Danube) — $200-204/t;
CIF Italy (port) — $223-225/t;
CIF Turkey (port) — $211-213/t.

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