Over the past 2-3 years, the quality of soybeans has deteriorated — a soybean processor

Over the past 2-3 years, the quality of soybeans has been deteriorating. Many spoiled beans are received for processing.
The director of Falcon Agro Group, Pavlo Zhovtonizhko, told about this in an interview with Latifundist.com.
"What does it mean? Soybeans are either harvested from the fields prematurely and then they try to somehow save them, do something with them, or other crops are mixed into the soybeans during the cultivation stage. And the most important problem that we are currently facing is that there is a lot of soybeans that have already darkened inside stored in the warehouses of commodity producers. We, the processors, call such soy spoiled," explained the agrarian.
According to him, beans darken due to improper storage.
"Agro-producers either dried it out of time, or hoped that it would lie down a little longer and it would be possible to sell it. Now such soybeans are just plentiful on the market. We approach the processing of such soybeans quite carefully. Because it seems to have protein in it, but the quality of this protein is very poor. And this affects the quality of the finished product in the future," said the processor.
He noted that before the Great War, the market developed massively. Farmers picked up new technologies, learned how to properly store grain, calculated storage time for transshipment in ports.
"Military actions had a strong impact on the economy of Ukraine, including the agricultural sector. Today, everyone tries to save wherever possible. Hence the quality of products. And this, in my opinion, is the most important factor. And not everyone in agribusiness today can manage their resources competently. Many old-fashioned people who think: "What if we suddenly slip through," added Pavlo Zhovtonizhko.
However, he emphasized that in any oil crop there is always a balance between protein and oil: if there is a lot of oil, then there is little protein. And vice versa. It depends on the hybrid and weather conditions during the ripening period.

Regarding soybean processing, Pavlo Zhovtonizhko noted that currently the processing capacity significantly exceeds the needs of the domestic market. Today, the Ukrainian market is oversaturated with soybean processing products.

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