Farmers threshed more than 3 million tons of new crop grain

Жнива 2024

As of July 4, grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine were harvested from a total area of 967.2 thousand hectares, 3.361 million tons of grain of the new crop were threshed. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

According to Taras Vysotskyi , Acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine , the average grain yield is currently 3.48 t/ha. Last year, on the same date, three times less grain was harvested - 1 million tons . The average yield was also lower — 3.32 t/ha.

As noted, as of the reporting date:

  • wheat — 1.62 million tons from 482.2 thousand ha with a yield of 3.38 tons/ha;
  • barley — 1.56 million tons from 402.7 thousand ha with a yield of 3.89 tons/ha;
  • peas - 166.4 thousand tons from 82 thousand ha.

The harvesting campaign of grain crops, according to the ministry, is currently being conducted in twenty-one regions. Mykolayiv Oblast became the leader in the rate of grain harvesting, where 314.2 thousand hectares were threshed. Ivano-Frankivsk region is ahead in terms of average yield with an indicator of 6.75 t/ha.

In addition, thirteen oblasts harvest rapeseed, 285.9 thousand tons of threshed from an area of 186.9 thousand hectares. The average yield is 1.53 t/ha.

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