In Ukraine in 2020, the price of apples became the highest in the last 50 years


September 2020 was marked by the most expensive apples on the markets of Ukraine over the past half century. Currently, apple prices are on average 50% higher than the 2019 level. This is reported by

As of September 4, 2020, apples on Ukrainian markets cost from UAH 10/kg to UAH 45/kg per bunch.

Currently, the cheapest apples of the Glory of the winner variety (domestic production) are sold for an average of UAH 10/kg per bunch. Ligol (imported) apples are the most expensive - on average 45 hryvnias/kg.

"In Poland, apples are 1.5 times cheaper. The neighboring country can collect more than 4 million tons of apples. In Ukraine, 1.25 million tons were harvested in 2018, the most productive year," explains Tetyana Hetman, an analyst at the Shuvar wholesale market.

Therefore, the limited supply accordingly contributes to the increase in the price of such a traditional fruit as apples.

At the same time, industry experts predict that this year's apple harvest in Ukraine will be higher than last year's. Which may contribute to some reduction in the price of this product.

We will remind you that a white corn hybrid with a record yield was bred in Ukraine.


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