"AGRO FOND" LLC is one of the leading companies engaged in the full cycle of production of fodder and feed additives

The company's mission is to provide the buyer with the best quality fodder that meets the highest European standards.

Our company maintains a leading position in the supply of feed and feed additives to customers in Ukraine and Europe.

In connection with climate change in the world, we focus on the introduction of moisture conservation technology. We always keep up with technical and agro-technological innovations.

The best should be in everything, therefore "AGRO FOND" uses only the best and modern techniques and equipment to ensure the highest quality of seed material. Today, we use high-tech equipment. The whole process is fully automated.

On the basis of "AGRO FOND" LLC, there is a laboratory that is engaged in the research of corn, wheat, and barley. as well as selection.

"AGRO FOND" LLC provides the best solutions for storage in warehouses that meet class A standards, suitable for storing plant protection products and fodder.The company has a modern logistics center, which ensures speed and convenience in timely receipt of a ready-made solution for the shipment of products for our customers.



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