Wheat and corn bran (granules)


Fodder wheat bran is a by-product of flour milling, which is of great value for animal husbandry. It has a rich chemical composition, contains a large amount of fiber, protein and fats. Vitamins and minerals are also present in bran.

In order to extend the shelf life, facilitate transportation, increase the volumetric weight and improve the quality indicators of the finished product, special processing is used - granulation. Wheat bran is introduced into the rations and compound feed for sheep and dairy cows, up to 50-60% of cattle for fattening, horses - up to 40%; calves older than 6 months, farrowing and suckling sows, producer boars - up to 35-40, young animals and fattening pigs - up to 20-25%. Rye bran is usually introduced into rations and compound feed for dairy cows, large and small cattle for fattening up to 15-20%, pigs for fattening -5-10%.

We guarantee quality from our side and provide quality certificates for our products, you can familiarize yourself with the certificates and their indicators below:


The price is 130 EURO/t

"Agro Fund" company supplies fodder wheat bran to the domestic and world markets. You can buy this supplement for animal feeding by contacting the manager of our company using the specified contacts. Also, if necessary, we are ready to provide product samples, which will allow you to decide on a further purchase.
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