Dry corn post-alcohol is a feed with a high protein content, which is actively added to the diet of farm animals and poultry. It is obtained in the process of manufacturing alcohol products.
By the content of protein, amino acids, macro and microelements, which play an important role in the metabolism and growth processes of animals, dry post-alcohol bard is ahead of most feed products. The introduction of dry grain bard into the diet will allow replacing fodder yeast, meal, and also significantly reduce the consumption of grain components .
       The product makes it possible to reduce the cost of feed and achieve savings during fattening.
                                                                            Product indicators: DDGS, Barda grain
                 Physico-chemical parameters
No. Quality indicators: Barda grain: Characteristics of indicators                                                        Certificate of quality
1 Moisture, %, no more 7,0 
Protein content (in terms of absolutely dry matter), % 28.0
3 Carbohydrate content, % 16.0
4 Fat content, % 8.0
5 Fiber content, % 15.0
6 Calcium content, % 0.3
7 Phosphorus content, % 0.2
8 Ash content, %, no more than 2.0
9 Vitamin content, E, Bl, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B12 10
General tank. fertility, thousand cells in 1 year, no more than 96 11
Toxicity Not allowed
The price is UAH 4,800/t including VAT
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