Wheat bran, fodder for all kinds of animals

On average, 1 kg of wheat bran contains 0.75 feed units, 8.8-9.2 MJ of exchangeable energy, 151 g of digestible protein, and 2.0 g of calcium. 9.6 g of phosphorus, etc. Wheat bran is rich in trace elements and vitamins of group B. In terms of chemical composition and nutritional value, wheat bran is better than rye and even more so than rice bran.
Wheat bran is a good feed for all kinds of animals. They have a laxative effect on digestion.
Dairy cows can be fed bran of various types up to 4-6 kg per day. Horses can be fed only wheat bran up to 30-50% of the norm of oats. Pigs and birds use bran nutrients worse than other animals.
In compound feed and feed mixtures of rations, bran is included in the amount: for cattle - up to 30-40% (wheat), up to 10-20% (rye); for sheep - up to 20% (wheat), up to 10% (rye); for poultry (adults) - up to 15%, for young chickens from the age of 8 weeks, ducks and geese from the age of 4 weeks - up to 5%; for pigs - up to 10-15%, for horses - up to 10% and for rabbits - up to 15% (by weight).
Wheat bran is a by-product of flour milling, which is a hard shell of a wheat grain. It is valuable fodder for all types of farm animals. The nutritional value of bran depends on the content of flour particles (the less flour and more shells, the lower the nutrition), it is a rich source of B vitamins, contains many useful substances, starch, protein and minerals, and is an excellent source of dietary fiber.
Quality indicators, granulated wheat bran, according to DSTU 3016-95.
Color: red-yellow with a grayish tint;
Odor: characteristic of bran without extraneous odors, not musty, not moldy;
Mass fraction of moisture,%, no more than 15;
Mass fraction of crude protein,%, not less than 14.0;
Mass fraction of crude fiber,%, no more than 9.0;
Acid value of fat, mg KOH, no more than 50.0;
Mass of metallomagnetic impurities, mg in 1 kg of bran, no more:
- Particles up to 2 mm in size, including 5.0;
- Particles larger than 2 mm and with sharp edges are not allowed;
Contamination and contamination by pests - not allowed;
Toxicity - not allowed;
Diameter of granules: 8-12 mm.

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